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Welcome to Main Street!

Since 1992, Main Street Mobility has perfecting the design of pedal-powered vehicles.
Our PedalTrucks are designed to carry cargo. Perfect for delivering goods, hauling tools and equipment, bike-share and scooter-share rebalancing, food and beverage sales, and more!


Due to the global economic impact of the pandemic, we are currently experiencing disruptions to our supply chain. Some parts/components of the vehicles may be different brands due to availability. Please ask us if you have any questions specific to your order.

This is the Heart of Main Street – 

  • Our vehicles are known for their durability and reliability.  Made in Colorado, USA by our team of bike experts, our Pedal Trucks are designed to meet the demands of commercial and institutional operators.
  • We are committed to creating a more socially-equitable and healthier urban environment.  Urban settings that encourage pedestrians and bikes are more pleasant and more eco-friendly. We strive to make the world better place with our vehicles.
  • Customer support is a top priority to us – whether you’re starting a new fleet of rentable Billboard Bikes in your city, using Delivery Trikes for food deliveries, or have another endeavor in mind, we’re here to answer your questions and help you be successful. Our YouTube page has instructional videos of how to repair your vehicle and train your drivers. We also supply parts & tools specific to our vehicles.
  • We have a large network of customers across the world. As of 2020, our pedal-powered vehicles are in over 20 countries, and in all 50 states.

Our mission: To promote eco-friendly & healthy environments through pedal power.

Why Choose Main Street Mobility?

We start with a strong, tubular, steel-alloy frame and heavy-duty, solid  steel axles. For ultimate stopping power, every vehicle comes standard with a rear hydraulic brake. We also offer reflectors, running lights, turn signals and brake lights.  For 25 years we have been producing the safest pedal-powered solutions on the road.

Main Street Mobility™ is proud to have built a solid reputation throughout the world as the preferred pedal-powered solution of professional drivers. We are the original manufacturer of the pedicab, and since 1992 have been perfecting our vehicle designs. Professional operators choose Main Street!

Our vehicles are engineered to perform throughout years of service. Each part is selected for its durability as well as performance. We use Shimano brand components on all Main Street™ vehicles. A complete catalog of parts is available online here.

Pedal powered trucks are a friendly solution to the challenges of modern transport. Our unique designs and craftsmanship combine to provide a healthy alternative cars and trucks. Reduce your carbon footprint while reducing costs. Go green with pedal power!

Our vehicles are designed to appeal to operators, customer, pedestrians and advertisers. We know the investment in the right delivery trike will pay for itself with the additional revenue generated. There is no better testimony than the thousands of Main Street Mobility solutions in use around the world.

Go green with Main Street Mobilty™

Main Street vehicles are a “green” solution to the challenges of modern transport. No gas, no fumes, and less noise, making your community healthier & happier. Everyone loves pedal-power!

Pedal truck on college campus USA   Pedal Truck carrying Citi Bikes bike share in New York City   Delivery trike food sales to-go   Pedal Truck in Oregon for bike share re-balancing   Delivery Trike for food distribution with Fresh Food Connect in Colorado   Pedal Truck for campus landscaping on college campus, UC Davis