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New Drivers & Operators

Driving a Main Street™ vehicle is fun! It is important for all drivers to spend a minimum of one hour training before adding cargo and taking to the streets. Driving a large tricycle is not the same as a bicycle. The rear of the delivery trike is 50 inches wide, so it is important to practice maneuvering around objects. Plastic orange cones are good objects to start with.

Remember to steer the tricycle using the front wheel rather than shifting your body weight. It is good to practice going down hills and across inclined surfaces to master this aspect before adding cargo. Drivers learn quickly to put the delivery trike in a low gear when they come to a stop. A delivery trike left in a high gear is difficult to accelerate.

Many delivery trike fleet managers have training programs for new drivers that last at least several hours, and most drivers feel comfortable and safe within one hour of practice.


Starting the company.
It’s a good idea to consult with an attorney and accountant about what business structure is best for you. Many new small businesses find that setting up a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) works best. Many owners get liability insurance for the company.  Some get insurance through the same provider of insurance for their other businesses. 

Finding drivers.
People find driving a pedal truck to be a perfect part-time job. It is very important, however, to have responsible, trustworthy drivers. Many fleet managers have half to whole day training sessions for the drivers.

Go for it!
Everyone knows that pedal power is a good thing. Our vehicles provide a fun and useful short-haul delivery service. They are good for the environment, they provide jobs, and make for an exciting and active job.  Don’t let obstacles get in your way of starting a new company.

PedalTrucks are an eco-friendly option used around the world for:

  • Campus Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance
  • Compost pick-up businesses
  • Food delivery
  • Bike-share or Scooter-share Rebalancing
  • Food & Beverage sales on wheels
  • Mobile sales of clothing, shoes, accessories
  • Parades & Festivals

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Why Main Street?

Main Street is an enthusiastic team of bike experts. Our passion for improving the planet with pedal-power is what motivates us.

Our vehicles have been serving communities around the world since 1992. We supply our eco-friendly transportation solutions to over 200 cities worldwide for operators large and small.  All of our vehicles are manufactured in the USA (Denver, Colorado!). 

International Cities with Main Street Customers (updated 2005)

Sydney Australia, Mississauga Canada, Quebec City Canada, Vancouver Canada, Victoria Canada, Waterloo Canada, Toronto Canada, Tofino Canada, Montreal Canada, Calgary Canada, Halifax Canada, Ladysmith Canada, Whistler Canada, Grand Cayman Cayman Islands, Copenhagen Denmark, Odense Denmark, Paris France, Nantes France, Lake Constance Germany, Cork Ireland, Dublin Ireland, Tel Aviv Israel, Florence Italy, Milan Italy, Montego Bay Jamaica, Kuwait City Kuwait, Cozumel Mexic,o Willemstad Netherlands, Auckland New Zealand, Oslo Norway, Vieques Puerto Rico, Valencia Spain, Barcelona Spain, London United Kingdom, Oxford United Kingdom & More (last updated 2005)

United States Cities with Main Street Customers (updated 2005)

Hoonah AK, Fairbanks AK, Mobile AL, Gulf Shores AL, Mobile AL, Lonoke AR, Phoenix AZ, Fresno CA, Glendale AZ, Gilbert AZ, Cherry Valley CA, Idyllwood CA, Oakland CA, Pico Rivera CA, Pismo Beach CA, Pittsburg CA, Sacramento CA, San Francisco CA, San Diego CA, La Mesa CA, Oakland CA, Santa Barbara CA, Ramona CA, Long Beach CA, Rancho Cordova CA, Pleasanton CA, San Clemente CA, El Cajon CA, Avalon CA, Redondo Beach CA, La Jolla CA, Fullerton CA, Chula Vista CA, Redondo Beach CA, Las Mesa CA, Oakland CA, Palm Springs CA, Ramona CA, Laguna Miguel CA, Lakewood CA, Santa Cruz CA, Palo Alto CA, Coronado CA, Simi Valley CA, Santa Cruz CA, Oceanside CA, Valencia CA, Los Angeles CA, Vail CO, Breckenridge CO, Crested Butte CO, Denver CO, Fort Collins CO, Boulder CO, Colorado Springs CO, Aspen CO, Grand Junction CO, Loveland CO, Salida CO, Falls Village CT, Mystic CT, Westhaven CT, New Haven CT, Rehobeth Beach DE, Ibor City FL, Kissimer FL, Sarasota FL, Orlando FL, Pompano Beach FL, Ormond Beach FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Tampa FL, Sarasota FL, Jacksonville FL, Naples FL, Savannah GA, Molokai HI, Knoxville IA, Pella IA, Orange City IA, Dubuque IA, Iowa City IA, Dubuque IA, Coeur D’alane ID, Boise ID, Chicago IL, Galena IL, Rapids City IL, Indianopolis IN, Elizabeth IN, Valley Center KS, Bradwell KY, Newport KY, Bardwell KY, Boston MA, Dedham MA, Fall River MA, Cambridge MA, Solomons MD, Baltimore MD, Bath ME, Old Orchard Bch ME, Porland ME, Detroit MI, Port Huron MI, Lansing MI, Muskeegon MI, Minneapolis MN, St Paul MN, Columbia MO, Springfield MO, St. Louis MO, Northwoods MO, Northwoods MO, Helena MT, Wanchese NC, Chapel Hill NC, Charlotte NC, Greensboro NC, Morrisville NC, Durham NC, Clemmons NC, Omaha NE, Lincoln NE, Bayhead NJ, Bayonne NJ, Cherry Hill NJ, Bergenfield NJ, Bayonne NJ, Newark NJ, Beach Haven NJ, Ocean City NJ, Deal NJ, Pt Pleasant Bch NJ, Santa Fe NM, Las Vegas NV, Ithaca NY, New York NY, Tewgardens NY, Saratoga Springs NY, Buffalo NY, Astoria NY, Hilliard OH, Columbus OH, Oberlin OH, Tulsa OK, Bend OR, Edmond OK, Oklahoma City OK, Eugene OR, Portland OR, Ashland OR, Fairview PA, Bethlehem PA, Harrisburg PA, Philadelphia PA, Erie PA, Pittsburg PA, Rumford RI, Pawtucket RI, Charleston SC, Columbia SC, Franklin TN, Memphis TN, Memphis TN, Arlington TX, Austin TX, Boeme TX, Denton TX, Galveston TX, Houston TX, Wimberly TX, Alpine TX, El Paso TX, Arlington TX, Beaumont TX, San Antonio TX, Park City UT, Salt Lake City UT, Richmond VA, Richmond VA, Cape Charles VA, Charlottesville VA, Virginia Beach VA, Bainbridge Isl WA, Chelan WA, Port Angeles WA, Walla Walla WA, Blanchardville WI, Green Bay WI, Elkhardlake WI, Oregon WI, Green Bay WI, Oshkosh WI, Racine WI, Milwaukee WI, Gillette WY, Huntington WV, Jackson WY & more!